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Northern lights

By Jonna Jinton 2014.04.17 in Northern Lights

Friday night there was wonderful northern lights here. I spent an hour outside in the night just watching the beautiful lights and taking photos. I brought out a blanket and laid down on the frozen ground so that i could watch the sky. It was a bit cold, but very cozy! And a very magical view.

I saw on photos from Fjällräven Polar 2014 that they saw the same northern lights this night at april 11. Im glad it happened this night so that the participants could get a chance to see it. Im sure a lot of them had never seen it before.

Me and my dog Nanook watching the northern lights.


Cozy friday night!

The month of all seasons

By Jonna Jinton 2014.04.10 in Fjällräven

Down in the south, april is a month of the spring. Up here in the north, its like a month of all seasons. You can sit in the sun with no jacket and feel the heat as if there was summer. In the other second it starts snowing. Some days are wonderful with a real feeling of spring. Then the other day it feels like autumn, with a heavy sky and rain and wind. April is the month when I always gets disappointed on the spring. But at the same time, it is a beautiful month.
I should learn how april works now after 3 years here. But still at this time i just cant wait until the real spring comes! I guess i will have to wait some weeks more until the snow is really gone. Actually, right now as i write this, its snowing outside 😉

Here comes some april-photos!

040107 040101 040106 040401 032609 042206 042006 042210

Fjällräven Polar 2014

By Jonna Jinton 2014.04.08 in Fjällräven

The Fjällräven Polar 2014 just started, and i feel soooo jealous sitting here by the computer watching the new participants for this year going on this big adventure. I was one of the lucky participants last year. Watching this little video from their Day 1 makes me get a flashback from last year. Everything was so exciting! Meeting all the other winners from all over the world, learning about equipment and surviving in the arctic…everything! And of course, the sledding and the dogs. It definitely was one of the greatest adventures of my life.

I really wish i was there with them again. But, im so thankful that i got this experience. Now i wish the new participants a wonderful trip and good luck!

A photo I took from the sled traveling trough this wonderful environment.

An adventure for life!

A new beginning

By Jonna Jinton 2014.02.21 in Cabin

Finally the renovating and installing of the heating system is done! Its been a long month with so much work with the kitchen. But its so beautiful in here now, and warm! Im going to enjoy the winters here now much more, when i can keep the house warm. Im so so so so sooooo happy now. Still cant believe its true.
So i promised to show some photos of my kitchen and the new fireplace when the renovating was done. So here it is!

Before the renovating my kitchen looked like this:

This was my wood stove. The only heating i had came from the little fire inside it. It was a good stove but only good enough to keep the kitchen warm. And in the winters, when the temperature outside went down to -38, it was really hard to keep warm with only this stove.

The kitchen how it looks now:

New fireplace (with a window of glass so i can see the fire!!) that not only keep the kitchen warm, it makes the heat go trough pipes and radiators so i can keep all the rooms warm. And i have also painted the kitchen walls white and the kitchen doors light green.
So cozy!!!

Big change in life

By Jonna Jinton 2014.02.13 in Uncategorized

There have not been much time for outdoor lately. The last month I have been spending all my time renovating my house. Im getting a heat system, finally! So when i make a fire in the stove, the heat from the fire will go to radiators in all rooms. No more winters in the little kitchen. Cant explain how happy i am for this. It feels like one of the best things in my life haha. I guess 4 winters with only a woodstove was enough for me. Its “cozy” living that simple, but it has taken a lot of time and energy for me to just keep me and my house warm. And then, in the end, there is no energy left for doing my work. Every winter i have lost so much time and energy for the things i really want to do…like doing photography or get my business running. I felt like this is a step i had to take if i still wanted to live in this beautiful place.

So, i thought i would share some photos from the renovating. Its been a lot of hard work, but i have learned SO much! I know this is not really outdoor photos, but whatever. This blog is about my life living in a cottage in the nature so it feels ok to share this 🙂

This is my old, dear woodstove. Been keeping me warm for some winters now. Well…unfortunately not that warm, since I have been freezing haha. But, it did as good as it could. And it was both happy and sad feeling throwing it out of my house. RIP <3
Oh, looking at this photo from 2 weeks ago makes me feel SO happy that im done with this work. This was really hard, but fun. I had to fix the wall where the new fireplace were going to be. Hard to explain in english.
After many days and nights with a lot of work, this is how it looked. My new beautiful fireplace (with a window of glass so i can see the fire) by the new wall and floor.
And, when i finally was done with that, i thought i would paint the walls in the kitchen, since the pipes for the heat system still was not done yet (waited for the “pipe-workers” to arrive.
I painted the wooden walls in the kitchen white. It had to be painted 3 times so it took a while. But some good music helped alot.
And when the walls finally were done, i decided to paint the kitchen too. In a light green color. Much better then the dark brown.
Ok so now, after 3 weeks, the pipe-workers have been in my house fixing up all the radiators and putting the pipes all over the house. Its not completely done yet, so i have not been able to make a fire yet. But its done very soon! And i promise to show pictures later of my new fireplace!

Sleeping forest

By Jonna Jinton 2014.01.18 in Uncategorized

Today i went out in the forest with my dog Nanook for a while. I really love the special silence there is in a winter forest. In the summer its so alive, so many sounds…and now in the winter its like the whole forest is sleeping. Its very peaceful. And beautiful. Perfect place to get all the thoughts out of your head and gain some more energy after a long week .

The sun.

Jonna Jinton

My name is Jonna Jinton, im 24 years old. Three years ago i quit my studies and moved away from the apartment in the city to a little house in the north of Sweden, Grundtjärn. I now live here with my dog Nanook and work from home with the two businesses that i run.

Among all my passions in life photography is the biggest. And all the inspiration i get from the wonderful nature around this place where I live.

On this blog I will share photos and thoughts from my life close to the nature :)

I also have a blog in swedish. Check it out:www.jonnajinton.se