Big change in life

By Jonna Jinton on 2014.02.13 In Uncategorized

There have not been much time for outdoor lately. The last month I have been spending all my time renovating my house. Im getting a heat system, finally! So when i make a fire in the stove, the heat from the fire will go to radiators in all rooms. No more winters in the little kitchen. Cant explain how happy i am for this. It feels like one of the best things in my life haha. I guess 4 winters with only a woodstove was enough for me. Its “cozy” living that simple, but it has taken a lot of time and energy for me to just keep me and my house warm. And then, in the end, there is no energy left for doing my work. Every winter i have lost so much time and energy for the things i really want to do…like doing photography or get my business running. I felt like this is a step i had to take if i still wanted to live in this beautiful place.

So, i thought i would share some photos from the renovating. Its been a lot of hard work, but i have learned SO much! I know this is not really outdoor photos, but whatever. This blog is about my life living in a cottage in the nature so it feels ok to share this 🙂

This is my old, dear woodstove. Been keeping me warm for some winters now. Well…unfortunately not that warm, since I have been freezing haha. But, it did as good as it could. And it was both happy and sad feeling throwing it out of my house. RIP <3
Oh, looking at this photo from 2 weeks ago makes me feel SO happy that im done with this work. This was really hard, but fun. I had to fix the wall where the new fireplace were going to be. Hard to explain in english.
After many days and nights with a lot of work, this is how it looked. My new beautiful fireplace (with a window of glass so i can see the fire) by the new wall and floor.
And, when i finally was done with that, i thought i would paint the walls in the kitchen, since the pipes for the heat system still was not done yet (waited for the “pipe-workers” to arrive.
I painted the wooden walls in the kitchen white. It had to be painted 3 times so it took a while. But some good music helped alot.
And when the walls finally were done, i decided to paint the kitchen too. In a light green color. Much better then the dark brown.
Ok so now, after 3 weeks, the pipe-workers have been in my house fixing up all the radiators and putting the pipes all over the house. Its not completely done yet, so i have not been able to make a fire yet. But its done very soon! And i promise to show pictures later of my new fireplace!

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