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The real winter

By Jonna Jinton 2014.01.16 in Nature

This winter has been very strange. Very warm and almost no snow until now in january. Most of the times the snow comes already in october, and stay for the winter. Even though the life here gets so much harder when its very cold, i have to admit i prefer the cold and snowy winters. Now, the winter has finally arrived. Its cold and the snow is making everything looks so much brigther and beautiful. And, the sun rises over the horizon a little bit higher for each day. I love this time of the year.







New year, new start

By Jonna Jinton 2014.01.06 in Uncategorized

Been very silent here now for a long while. But now its a new year, with new possibilities! And i look forward to what this year will bring 🙂
Wishing you all a happy new year!

The Outdrr-meetup

By Jonna Jinton 2013.11.01 in Uncategorized

The Outdrr-meetup in Tyresta Nationalpark was really fun! Both to meet and talk with some other bloggers on this site but also to hike and see the nature in Stockholm, which is very different from the nature up here where I live.
I brought my camera equipment and tripod so that i could take some photos. My backpack was very heavy and my back still aches from carrying the weight but it was so worth it to bring the camera!

So here are finally some photos from the Outdrr-meetup!

Lunch time after some hiking the first day.


Happy Outdrr-bloggers! 😀

The second break, with a beautiful view!

After 14 kilometers hiking we reached the place where we were going to stay by the night.



We spent many hours by the fire that night.




Next day on our way back. Here hiking trough a big area of burnt forest.


Birch trees were growing up from the burnt forest. It looked really beautiful.

A raven.

Ready for the Outdrr meeting!

By Jonna Jinton 2013.10.25 in General

Early tomorrow morning Im heading to Stockholm over the weekend. An 8 hour long bustrip but I it is going to be worth it. On saturday im going to the Outdrr-meeting, to meet up with other bloggers here on outdrr. We will hike in Tyresta national park outside Stockholm, and sleep in tents one night. I really look forward this. Its going to a really fun little adventure!


My dog Nanook was not as happy as me today when i packed the bag 😉

The first snow

By Jonna Jinton 2013.10.19 in General

The other day the snow arrived for the first time. On the exact same date as the last year. Thats weird!
Its also a lot colder now than it was the last week, when i was outside in the beautiful autumn forests. Its in the middle of the night right now as i am writing this and i think it is about -7 degrees outside. I have a lot of work to do now, since im not done with the wood i need for the winter. I only have a woodstove to keep my house warm, or the kitchen warm, as i sleep in the kitchen beside the fire during the wintermonths.

It is actually like stepping into another world when the cold begins. Everything in my life becomes so much harder, mostly because of all the time i have to spend on keeping the fire alive and keep my house and myself warm. Sometimes it drains my energy and wishing i had a better warming system i the house. But also i kinda like the challenge.
I think i feel ready for another winter. Im going to prepare as good as i can, that helps alot!


Me and my dog Nanook out in the first snowfall!

The magical autumn

By Jonna Jinton 2013.10.13 in Videos

I made a little film last day with the videos i recorded when i were outside in the colorful nature. I named it “Hyllning till hösten” which means “celebration of the autumn” in swedish. I really do love this season. I wish it would never end. But i guess a part of the autumn being so magical is because it only lasts for a short while.

Jonna Jinton

My name is Jonna Jinton, im 24 years old. Three years ago i quit my studies and moved away from the apartment in the city to a little house in the north of Sweden, Grundtjärn. I now live here with my dog Nanook and work from home with the two businesses that i run.

Among all my passions in life photography is the biggest. And all the inspiration i get from the wonderful nature around this place where I live.

On this blog I will share photos and thoughts from my life close to the nature :)

I also have a blog in swedish. Check it out:www.jonnajinton.se