The first snow

By Jonna Jinton on 2013.10.19 In General

The other day the snow arrived for the first time. On the exact same date as the last year. Thats weird!
Its also a lot colder now than it was the last week, when i was outside in the beautiful autumn forests. Its in the middle of the night right now as i am writing this and i think it is about -7 degrees outside. I have a lot of work to do now, since im not done with the wood i need for the winter. I only have a woodstove to keep my house warm, or the kitchen warm, as i sleep in the kitchen beside the fire during the wintermonths.

It is actually like stepping into another world when the cold begins. Everything in my life becomes so much harder, mostly because of all the time i have to spend on keeping the fire alive and keep my house and myself warm. Sometimes it drains my energy and wishing i had a better warming system i the house. But also i kinda like the challenge.
I think i feel ready for another winter. Im going to prepare as good as i can, that helps alot!


Me and my dog Nanook out in the first snowfall!

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  1. travelleranto wrote:

    wow, can’t believe you have snow already! seems so early but then again … I live way further down. enjoy it!

  2. dustinrg60 wrote:

    Right-minded started new occupation:

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