The real winter

By Jonna Jinton on 2014.01.16 In Nature Photography

This winter has been very strange. Very warm and almost no snow until now in january. Most of the times the snow comes already in october, and stay for the winter. Even though the life here gets so much harder when its very cold, i have to admit i prefer the cold and snowy winters. Now, the winter has finally arrived. Its cold and the snow is making everything looks so much brigther and beautiful. And, the sun rises over the horizon a little bit higher for each day. I love this time of the year.







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Jonna Jinton

My name is Jonna Jinton, im 24 years old. Three years ago i quit my studies and moved away from the apartment in the city to a little house in the north of Sweden, Grundtjärn. I now live here with my dog Nanook and work from home with the two businesses that i run.

Among all my passions in life photography is the biggest. And all the inspiration i get from the wonderful nature around this place where I live.

On this blog I will share photos and thoughts from my life close to the nature :)

I also have a blog in swedish. Check it out:www.jonnajinton.se